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Dr.Jessica Langer

INCEPTION y Scene in parisian cafe y by blowing stuff up it is a sensational sensory shortcut to what they are talking y we understand viscerally the instability of the dream without using the particular words by showing how the dream world collapses around her o similar to the way the Matrix uses action to represent bigger ideas y Scene where kick occurs at all the levels o relentless action The development of the idea of the action genre y The development of action and sensationalist cinema as an idea in the minds of filmmakers and critics audiences y helps to establish a particular kind of melodrama y is silent cinema silent y SILENT CINEMA WAS NOT SILENT o had accompanying music sound effects AND intertitles o not only canyou see whats being said but also hear things o this is important in talks of early action cinemasort of like the scene of inception the awesome scene Development of A
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