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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Vikki Visvis

LECTURE Feb. 17, 2011 Assignment due right after reading week *************** The process is outlined in the slides, like the example given Can give answer in short paragraphs to the listed questions o To help thinking Really important to look at the thesis Research the area probably unlikely to find something on the essay itself o Maybe research a particular genre o Research in relation to the needs of the thesis o MAYBE RESEARCH ON METAPHORS Different metaphors How did your research help revise your thesis o Answer first questions help find first thesis o Research will help with revising the thesis Revised thesis is the thesis of PART C o How has research impacted the first thesis PART A is the first thesis PART B is the annotated bibliography Continuing on from the previous weeks lecture: Start with broad thesis . Now, having looked up research, seems other critics disagree with the tentative thesis o PROBLEM: undercutting thesis o This is part 3 of the assignment negotiating secondary research with first thesis Carter is collapsing binaries at every turn Consider weight of opposition if considering revising thesis after research o Qualifier added to account for opposition? If research does not directly oppose it o Research directly contradicting thesis If can counter effectively via text, dont need to incorporate into thesis If cannot counter effectively, revise thesis Depends on weight and ability to rebut the research o Address and qualify the argument Likely will be defining and narrowing definitions o Understanding the context, what the narrative strategys doing WHY~? Are there any holes in the narrative? How are they qualifying their arguments?
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