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Lecture Structure 1) Duration of the Image 2) Editing: Introduction 3) Editing: a) Types of Transitions 4) Editing: b) Dimensions of Film Editing: i) Graphic Relations ii) Rhythmic Relations Next Week: iii) Spatial Relations iv) Temporal Relations - Temporal duration of the image is the province of cinematographic properties as long as that duration is uninterrupted. - Filmmaker can change the duration of a single shot, without changing the duration of the scene - A long take is a shot which exists for a considerable amount of time 30-45 seconds (usually 30-45 seconds) long take = ‘refusal’ of editing Do not confuse long take with the long shot Typically combines different camera movements - A long take which possesses its own internal logic and seems self-sufficient is often called a sequence shot.- The long take emphasizes how film determines the duration of the audiences exposure to the medium, as opposed to a painting where the audience decides how long. - Warhol’s films often composed of static long takes, such as empire state building, sometimes 30 minute long takes - How ca
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