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10/25/2011 10:08:00 AM Dimensions of Film Editing Editing II: Time, Space, and Editing – Continuity Editing and it’s alternatives *Films that are notable for the way they handle space and time continued:  3) Spatial Relations o Exterior shot = on location, interior filmed in studio sets o Editing makes you believe that spaces continue fluidly o Through crosscutting editing can make it appear as though more than one place is it’s own location  Editing can jumble temporal order via flashback or flashforwards  In terms of duration, editing can compress time (through elliptical editing) or extend time (through overlapping editing) o Overlapping = part of film repeats – artificial/odd treatment of time  To ensure that editing does not disrupt the smooth progression of images, a system of editing principles has been devised to produce continuity o Continuit
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