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Sep/18/Lec 2: FORM Form • Formal analysis: what it assumes and entails?  Film Form: overall set of relationships among a film’s parts (52) o Form must be actively perceived/experienced by a viewer to produce meaning o FA assumes an active perceiver and art work that provides cues  *Through FA we discover how movies make meaning • Meanings are created in the interaction between film and viewer.  Meanings are the result of a collaborative effort from makers that provides cues, and the viewer that picks up on these cues  Films have multiple meanings (don’t need to know the 4 labels): referential, explicit, cinematic – know that film can mean different things o Eg. Explicit – about making a movie o Referential meaning (historical/geographically specific): Challenges involved about being independent film maker working outside of Hollywood Why do we say meanings?  1 The same film can be viewed differently by different viewers  2 Films have more than one meaning • Filmic conventions ensure the mass legibility of cinema.  F.C – so commonplace, recurrent as to prove normative (they produce a sense of how things should be, and condition our expectations as viewers) o Eg. First short clips – personal experiences deter
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