Writing Essays Lecture & Readings Combined Week 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Viktoria Jovanovic- Krstic

Week 3 – The Critical Analysis - Purpose of a critical analysis o To evaluate some else’s work o To increase your understanding of it - How authors convince readers o Word choice o Logical construction o Bias o Tone  Sentence construction  Simple  Compound  Complex  Compound-Complex - How to critically analyse o Critically read  Map the argument  Identify the issue, author’s POV, supporting arguments and support  Determine the author’s main claim  Claims can be: o Claims of fact  Verifiable forms of evidence  Support a statement  “Grades measure neither intelligence nor achievement” o Claims of value  Assert the writer’s sense of values  Makes judgements and supports these with evidence and assumptions  Try to prove something is good/bad, wrong/right etc o Claims of policy  The claim that a certain condition should exist  Assert what the author feels is a necessity  Contains modal verbs like should, could, or must  “We should legalize drugs”  Determine if the author supports his claim through:  Facts o Verifiable o Statistics, numbers, events  Sometimes facts can be interpreted and presented in the text in a biased way  Opinions o Beliefs, interpretations of facts, value judgements o “the truth is, we ought to, I believe, we should, etc” o Can be partial opinion and partial fact  Reasons o Opinions based on fact o Attempt to use logic to prove a point o Not verifiable  Examples o Can be logical and reasonabl
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