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Viktoria Jovanovic- Krstic

Critical reading Writers write for some audience, not for nothing. Example: journal writing, or blog  when writing we carefully choose our words because we know that we will reread it in the future -writing: process meant to be examined by another, directed to a particular member  all writers write for an anticipated reader, group of people who share similar view points. -writers can control who reads their texts -when we read a text we are automatically part of the intended readers - communicative act between a writer and a reader -when modifying text, we are maintain relationship between writer and reader because we are writing to an intended reader -writer roughly knows who his readers are, similar interests, has an intended group of readers in mind -when writer and reader are in coordination  solidarity example: incident (bomb…) reader has personal experience with incident and writer has written in a fashion that is satisfactory = Solidarity Who are we as readers: -we are expected to anticipate some of the infos -as readers we want to recognize the bonds of solidarity , that it can be broken and see what caused it -we want to look at the txt: I am the intended reader, what are u common beliefs, interest, is there solidarity -Read analytically: look at the text deeply, understand it… 4 strategies Method: 1-suspend judgment: ask urself: what do I find interesting (intriguing, odd, curious) about this text. 2-define significant parts: -which details appear significant? Why? Consider the structure of the text, what type of info is provided? -What does the deta
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