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University of Toronto St. George
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Roger Riendeau

Essay Evaluation Checklist for INI204Y The Academic Writing Process Relevance of Response to the Topic (Focus): [] responds innovativelyto the topic, resembling graduate level work [] responds precisely and perceptively to the topic [] responds appropriately, comprehensively, and competently to the topic [] responds generally to the topic, addressing some aspects more effectivelythan others [] responds incompletely and/or simplistically to the topic, or distorts the topic, thereby demonstrating a weak understanding of the topic, [] responds inappropriately or tangentially to the topic, perhaps indicating a complete lack of understanding of the topic Quality of Thought and Research in Response to the Topic: [] exhibits original thinking and advanced conceptualization skills based on a critical analysis of both primary and secondary research [] exhibits clarity, complexity, and depth of thought about the topic based on outstanding secondary research (and perhaps some primary) [] exhibits clarity and some depth of thought about the topic based on competent research [] exhibits some clarity, although only minimal depth, of thought about the topic, reflecting adequate but less than thorough research [] exhibits faulty, stereotypical, or superficial thinking about the topic, reflecting insufficient or inadequate research [] exhibits little or no evidence of effective thinking about the topic, reflecting inadequate or no research Organization and Development of the Response to the Topic: [] exhibits command of organization and a unique approach to the topic [] exhibits command of organization and interesting development of the topic [] exhibits control of organization and development of the topic [] exhibits some control of organization (structure may be formulaic, may occasionally wander, or may be disrupted by weak transitions between points or paragraphs) and development (may contain some irrelevant or poorly chosen information) of the topic [] exhibits insufficient control of organization (may ramble, may be repetitio
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