ITA200H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Archangel, Italian Literature, First Story

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6 Mar 2018

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Lecture 7: Tuesday February 27th
We find fantastic stories about the middle east the protagonist are from
all parts of the worlds (Arab or African)
He wrote in prose as well as poetry, impressive for novels prose fiction
Boccaccio put after the great poets
Great works by Boccaccio
-Fiameta: first psychological Italian novel, made up of letters
Octtava Rima: stanza of 8 line 11, syllables rhymed in a certain way, for
epic poem stanza ABABABCC
Boccaccio was the first Italian poet to use it in his work, repetitive
pattern to tell a tell
Boccaccio was also the first critic of Italian literature
Boccaccio summarized all the myths/transformations related to Jupiter
Used Ovid-Metamorphous (most important myth book of Renaissance)
the Latin writer as his inspirational source
While Dante used Virgil- Aeneid
Uses terms that were connected with Greek terms, brought by re-
emergence of antiquity culture during Renaissance
Decameron-10 days
-First prose work that does not have a simple recreational scope or
ambition, most epic dimension, deep thinking behind
Frame of the Decameron-Cornice (everything that is not the actual
Preamble-Introduction: story of how the stories came to be narrated
-Pestilence/Plague in Florence in 1847?
-Group 1o people escaping city plague, go to an outside country Villa, in
which they stay at least 10 days
Each of 10 people will be the Queen or King of the day and will chose the
Topic of the day and each will tell a story over the 10 days making 100
Stories are divided in section of ten under a topic under the person who
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find more resources at
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