ITA201H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Alessandro Manzoni, Milan Cathedral, Super Bowl Xxxii

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21 Nov 2017

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ITA201 Major Italian Authors in Translation From Marino to Calvino
Tuesday October 17th, Lecture 6
Alessandro Manzoni and I Promessi Sposi
External History of the Text
Promessi Sposi stimulated patriotism through the implicit comparison between
Spanish oppression of Seicento and the Austrian one;
Different sub genres Bildungsroman, Picaresque novel converge in the ()STOR)CAL
FERMO AND LUC)A - PS - PS 4
Linguistic revision
After the revision of the novel, Manzoni created the first example of modern Italian
he was sure that modern )talian should be the tuscan spoken by the educated middle
Promessi Sposi is part of the )talian literary Canon
Noblesse and Power
- NOBLESSE: Don Rodrigo, Count Attilio (improductivity)
- POWER AND POLITICS: Ferrer and other politicians
- POWER AND OPPRESS)ON: ex. Gertrudes father
Manzoni is a pessimist; his vision derives from that "morale dellinazione" expressed
in the tragedy Adelchi, that is:
Exercising power means practicing evil
Manzoni was conscious of the political limits of his time (ex. the inability of
Ottocento nobility to have a dialogue with the bourgeoise component of society)and
thats why he analyzes the perverse mechanism of political power of the Seicento
(and to the art of dissimulation). By writing this novel, Manzoni aims at
The whole story takes place after a noblemen, Don Rodrigo, makes a bad use of the
privilege of his social class trying to seduce Lucy
Chapter one, Don Abbondio and the bravi quotes from the grida, that is the
laws which the Governor of Lombardy emanated so to end the presence of the
bravi, and which were never applied. Manzoni juxtaposes fiction and history,
showing the inefficiency of Spanish administration. The presence of the bravi is
proportional to the laws which in theory should stop their proliferation;
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