ITA201H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Corriere Della Sera, Maria Luisa Spaziani, Gabinetto Vieusseux

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28 Nov 2017

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ITA201 Major Italian Authors in Translation From Marino to Calvino
Tuesday November 11th, Lecture 9
Quasimodo’s poetry: an
Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra/ trafitto da un raggio di sole: ed è
subito sera Everyone stands alone in the heart of the world, transfixed by a
ray of sun, and it is suddenly evening.
Poetry moves away from reality toward the lyrical world of the poem. This
poem well illustrates the paradoxical operational principle of Quasimodo’s
poetry, and of the hermetic lyric: that after the distraction
of all illusions the poet’s music can help us to forget
Montale’s poetry covers more than  years of )talian history 9-1975)
He never identified himself with hermetic poetry, nor with neorealism, nor with
the Neoavanguare of the Sixties; he created his own style and was against these
His originality let him become the most famous Italian poet of the xxth century,
different both from the postsimbolism poetry og Giuseppe Ungaretti and the
narrative poetry of Umberto Saba
Montale’s originality
Montale’s originality lies in his ability to conjugate in his three
collections classicism and modernism, metaphisycs and the need to
adhere to the physical world, elevated style and the facing of
everyday life, and in Satura (his last collection), the description of a
prosaic reality, game and protest
His originality lies also in the coherence of his vision of the modern
mans’ destiny in mass-society, first finding a way to escape this
destiny, later (in his last collections) denouncing a the vanity of this
possibility. (from Luperini 2009)
Il primo Montale: Ossi di Seppia
1896-1926: childhood, studies, war
In 1920 meets Anna degli Uberti, one of his first muses under the name of
In 1925 he published Ossi di seppia, in which two different modes converge:
the prosastic world and the experimentalism of crepuscular poets and the
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