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Danny Harvey

JAL328 September 10, 2013 The textbook is supplementary Only what is in the lecture slides are going to be tested in quizzes Office hours: 2 to 4PM on Tuesdays Location in SS 4086 Tests st First quiz – October 1 Assignments – deciphering stuff Runes Vikings writing system Different disciplines use writing in different ways Writing can refer to penmanship – this is an aspect of writing, but not linguistic Neither is composition This image is considered writing – meaningful impact Any act of humanity onto an environment – another interpretation of writing Symbolic writing or comparing something that isn’t a language to metaphorically writing Largely illiterate societies – can communicate via arts, like statue, picture, etc. Using symbolic system to convey system Petroglyphs – Mmemonic device – this is not writing (picture writing is the term appropriate) Is it picture writing or writing? Mnemonic – people can tell the stories differently Bathroom symbols In a writing system, should not have multiple means to read it Ex. Bathroom sign can be washroom, toilet, etc. Signage as picture writing X in circle means NO STOPPING in the UK Symbolic systems can be different in places that speak the same language Linguistic writing Writing represents speech, this speech can be read the exact same way by anyone literate in the language Are multiple people going to say the same thing? LINEAR – speech is linear and writing has to be linear as well This line can take shape in different ways - but there will be a start, a finish, and way to know where to go Writing is independent of the language Can use any writing system to write in any language The script has “aspects” of the language it was born in, but it can travel to any other language Linear flow of the language QUIZ: tell me the writing direction of Arabic? Draw a diagram like Are these symbols/glyphs independent of meaning? Look at how culture uses the symbols Its not significant that these words can be written with one symbol M sound in runes has – can have phonological use and have meaning itself In some cases, the symbol has relationship to No meaning – symbols exist, but has no meaning Just relating to a sound There may be meaning associated with the sound, but not to do with the letter Symbols represent sound – in the first case, have alphabetic system, symbols represent phonemes – In Latin script, symbols relate to individual phonemes – Also have moraic systems – syllable is a beat in language; can have multiple morae in syllable; mora is a vowel and syllable Each symbol represents a morpheme Bottom three points in the common structures to writing slide Writing direction on the page Page direction within the text direction of text in bubbles could also be different On the pottery – Left to right, top to bottom on page for Greek But
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