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Lec 1 IntroductionJanuary08131006 AMJAL328H Writing SystemsProf HarveyIndigenous systems of AmericasSyllabus3 quizzes Look at what was covered in lectures2 Assignments Decipher scripts eg EgyptiansIn Victorian Era it was popular to create new writing systemsLectureLaws of Denmark pictureWhat is WritingNontechnicalWhat it isntpenmanshipJudgement just because someones writing isnt neat doesnt mean it isnt writingComposition Literacy skillThis latest paper shows an improvement in her writingExpressing ideasWriting ReinterpretedAn intentional meaningful impact on the environmentthe effects of urban sprawl are written all over the environmentAn intentional meaningful impact on societyThe Roman rulers like Trajan used statuary as writingthroughout the EmpireJargonStatues are symbols not writingPicture writingSymbols marked on a surface which carry meaningThis meaning can be interpretedby those trained in the symbology and imageryThe symbols serve as mnemonic aids to a narrative which is already knownThis can be read has content telling a storyIs it writing though yes because it has meaningStylized Symbols have meaningThere is culture and historyeg Washroom signsSymbolic system of 21st c societySignage as Picture WritingPicture writing is used today for quick recognitionSymbols are not tied to any languageInstead they are tied to a cultures symbological tradition Quick recognitioninterpretationNot specific to any particular language Anyone can understand those symbols male femaleNo stopping those two are the same symbol Lectures Page 1
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