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JAL328 Lec 2 Cuneiform and Mesopotamian form

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Lec 2 Cuneiform and Mesopotamian formJanuary15131000 AMLec 2 CuneWhither Writing MesopotamiaMesopotamia has the oldest writing systemsSumerSumerian language was the first written downThe Sumerian Account of the Invention of WritingCity Fierce Bull an epic tale the Sumerians called after the first 3 wordsWe call it Enmerkar and the Lord of ArattaThere is a series of messengers sent back and forth between Enmerkar King of Uruk and the Lord of Aratta somewhere northEventually the messenger can no longer keep the correspondence straightThe Human Invention of WritingIt was hard to remember a lot of messages thus inscribed on a tabletThe messenger Enmerkerpatted some clay and inscribed on it a message as one does on a tablet Before that the writing of a message on clay did not existAnd the messageKAKam sagki miridaamThe nail is driven inThe Divine Invention of WritingLater Akkadian stories shift the creation of writing to Oanes mythical fishperson who came from the Red Sea with most of civilizations art and technologyMythical creature was a real person Oanes Vanna the first antedeluvian Sumerian sageUruk Period 37002900 BCHow do we know 34003300 BCWriting is presumed to have been invented around 34003300 BCWriting is developed graduallyDating in Mesopotamia is difficult Diff Kings reigned at different timesUruk cylinder seals have been found in datable Egyptian tombs around 3400 3300 BCEgyptians were really good at keeping timeEgyptian writing itself doesnt seem to appear until 3200As new archaeological discoveries are made these dates shiftCylinder Seal Lectures Page 1
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