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JAL328 Lec 4 Chinese

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Lec 4 ChineseJanuary29131045 AM3000 yearsTraditional AccountEarliest Chinese WritingEarliest date for writing1200 BCAnyang the last capital of the Shang DynastyEmperor Wu Ding 1st of 9 Shang KingsHis reign sees the first writingEarliest reliable source of writing dug out of tombsDivination BonesDug up Divination on Turtle ShellWhither Chinese CharactersBefore Wu Dings time many shells and bones found heated and crackedBut no writingEven during the Shang Dynasty most divination bones have no writing on themFrom Wu Ding onwards a full linguistic writing system appearsout ofapparently nowhereNo clear precursorsRoyal court Cracks on the bones indicated the future oracleOriginally had no writing on themMissing clear precursor Appear out of nowhere unlike Sumerian or Egyptian with the receipts or the tokensThere might be earlier writing but just have not been found maybe on biodegradable material like bonesWhich degrades and died awayLady Haos Divination ShellLady Haoone of Wu Dings consortsA question is writtenPositive on the right side of shellNegative on left sideCracks numbered at the bottomQues questionThe crack is made on the day jiashenQue a divinerposes the questionLady Haos childbearing luckyWu Dings InterpretationThe King prognosticatesif the child is born on a dingday lucky if on a gengday vastly auspiciousWhat happened3 weeks and one day later on the day jiayinthe child was born Not lucky It was a girlWhat was the divination process Lectures Page 1
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