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JAL328 Lec 5 Korean and Japanese

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Lec 5 Korean and JapaneseFebruary05131007 AMBoth under classical sphere if ChineseThe Legacy of Classical ChinesePrinted by Koreans for use for Koreans But all in Classical ChineseNot in KoreanWriting in KoreaHanja Chinese characters in Korean contextsHangeul Korean lettersHan in Hanja refers to Han dynastyChinese as Literary languageAround 4thc Classical Chinese being used as literary language in KoreaFounding of Confucian academies and BuddhismWooden printing board in ChineseKoreans are famous for movable type writings on woodenmetal boardsClassical Chinese as Liturgical Holds 81155 boards for the book Tripitaka Koreana 1236Kept Mongols from invasionEmergence of vernacular writingBy 7th century Koreans are compiling records in ChineseWhat to do with peoples names2 strategiesWriting used for other things other than scholarly Record keeping is important for development of written language Lectures Page 1 Record keeping is important for development of written languageExtend phonologyKoreans use chinese words but does not mean the same as in chineseMapping Chinese to KoreanChinesethere are not many suffixes and affixes morphologically isolatingChinese characters are a product of the Chinese language and not builtfor KoreanKoreanagglutinating attach a lot of suffixes and all these suffixes dont have Chinese equivalentseg sleep and sleepingno ing suffix in ChineseHow to write functional words and affixesOne Solution idu 7th century people start to write Hanja in SOV word orderA special set of characters are used for syllabic valueLexical morphemes are still in HanjaKorean is SOV Subject object verbSimplifying IduGugyeolBy 13th century many idu phonograms were simplifiedGugyeol variant used as a means of annotating HanjaBut still too cumbersome to replace Classical Chinese for those who already know itGugyeol is a way of annotating the HanjaPhonetic helper Hangeul Lectures Page 2
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