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JAL328 Lec 9 Other Scripts

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Lec 9 Other ScriptsMarch12131006 AMThe Not So Famous ScriptsThere are many other scripts in the Old WorldWe will look at a few Ancient and a few newerAncient Runic Ogham OldTurkicNewer Thaana Shavian the English that couldve been VaiRunicThe angular script of Germanic peoplesNo horizontal lines only vertical and diagonalCarved on wood easier to do straight and angularShaped by the medium it was written onHorizontal would split wood along grainRune is a germanic term meaning secret Used for divinationHas been interpreted as meaning MagicalOriginsThree possible originsGreek not as obvious as LatinEarliest Runic likely rule out Roman or Greek theories No contact at that timeOld Italic used in the Alps bordering on Germanic territoryRaetic Tirol Austria 4th BC to 1st ADRight to leftRunic Alphabet the FutharkKylver stone Sweden 400 ADThe Elder Futhark written out in order organized byLectures Page 1 Sets of 8 throughout time these grouped togetherAt the end of the alphabet in the picture6 Tier Ts to represent the God with name starting with T and its supposedly magicalAspects of RunesNo punctuation or word spacingLater spacing was indicated occasionally with midline dotsRunes can be joined at the stem to form Bind RunesElder Futhark1st8thc ADNo strict directionL To R or R To LIndividual runes can be flippedLines can be horizontal or turned 90degrees Sometimes spiral and spin aroundWriting direction was not standardMany directions Lectures Page 2
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