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Word scape Solo and social hotstops Predicating order of language aquistion JLP315 MAY 13, 2013 - Both from birth - 2 first languages - Any writing center Lecture First language acquisition - Language changes bc children make errors and make way into adult language - Know what changed children are responsible first language learners - Not tested - Subtle differences - Way we all speak English varies a lot What is language - Knowledge or mental representation of langauege - Most is – we don’t consciously know what we know - Natuve like fluency in first language meaning have all implicit rules able to speak like a native speaker - Subcompnetns interact with each other - Sounds of language phonetics and phonology how those sounds pattern within a langaige - Strcuurre how words are formed and senrtences are formed - Third is the meaning component - Not just table with concrete meaning but other words with more anstract meaning - Pragmatic another type of menaing the sociocommucaitive meaning - Can you pass me pencil not ability but can you to be polite pragmatic usage - Linguistic is science looks at language mental phenomen and mental one property of the human mind - Look at language at a scietififc way - Look at what people actually say - To program robot – what linguistics trying to do Intro 3 - Acq no language to fully language profecietn adult and how does language axquistion vary - What is the language of the environment – requires social interaction no input from surrounding not acquire language - 2 L 1 – two first languages - Sometimes conscious choice - Opp in torootno English in Toronto and first language spoken at home heritage language - First language can stop developing with many speakers nd - After age 7 real l2 – 2 language - Why study language acqustion – test universal grammar, language based on adult predict how child language is learned - Test hypothesis in acquitsiton - Test theories based on adult language but other direction on what children doing to what grammar comes to be - Speech – know different cultures and how help people better - Educators – what is normal and what isn’t a delay refer if needed - Parents – Intro 4 - How does fetus process language such as segmenting it etc - What is order fo acquisition – within each domain - What sounds come first - Ma sound is very early, pa and ba are early – ie produced with lip rather then back of tongue - Ratio size of tongue to space to mouth - What meaning are learned first - Order of acquisition domains – first sounds then words and sentences without knowing words build on selves in natural progression - Is order of acquisition universal and if not how much vairaiton exist and per domain - Mind specialized for grammar - How study child development how collect it in principled manner 5 brief history - Philosophical approaches - Locke – quote saying how children learn names of things by being presented with them – shown and lable - Early discussion is about naming things - Many words are concrete nouns to be shown but cant show the or every limited explanatory power - Baby diaries – follow child and first words - Louis 13 physcion recorded linguistic development until 26 and other development till phsy died - Darwin – how language comes to be and changes over time - Ontology – how develops in a child - Wild chidlrern – in various ways denied interaction with adults - Victor in rural france – wolf child - Post 1960s cognitive revolution - People start thinking as a mental thing - Noam Chomsky – biggest mover and shaker - Look at language as part fo scientific research program - Look at language as mental grammer rules in the mind - Brown 1973 – three children for many years recorded them – sarah - Wug test – - Standardized measurements – when child produce first word or suspect them to put into standardized test Language as cog science 6 - Exist in speakers mind if any wehere else is product - Mental grammer everything know about language, rule grammer rules forming complex words - And rules of discourse how sentences relate to each other how politely ask question or rudely do it Like walking or vison 7 - Any human can acquire an y human language and will acquire any language exposed to - Whatever language child exposed to they will take up – whatever exposed to will pick up 1 or 2 langauge - Some language disabilities will effect axquistion - Young infants process speech sounds differently from other sounds in environment - Bio and psych endowed to azquire language - Human language vs animal communication - Language axquistion is automatic soon as born cannot suppress acqusiton - Sparse sounds segment sounds everything happens automatically and same age and time across human populations - Species specific human onlys and species uniform – barring problems it will go in certain fashion - Unlike walking vison we need social transmission How l1a unfolds 8 - Time period - Before 6 months just vocal play no recognizable sounds - Funny phenomenon – doctors in emergency rooms parent scared bc infant wont put t
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