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Ailis Cournane

JLP315H Language Acquisition Buy the textbook Final exam is CUMULATIVELECTUREHow do children learn their first language exposure to parentsinnate capacity to learn language learn the intonation prosody of a language between learning complete sentenceslearn words for physical objects before learn abstract concepts which are more difficult to pick out from environmentneed theory of mind Research on language acquisition important forlinguists because to know how system linguistic capacity grammar develops to tell us about the nature of that capacity nature of that grammar of languagealso can compare languagesie acquiring nouns in two different languagesfor psychologists learn development of mind by studying linguistic developmentfor speech language pathologists to better help better better study areas of disorders or delays both by studying populations and knowing what is normalwhat is typical developing childhow much variation is to be expectededucators to help children to spot early on signs of disorder5language originates in the brain know approximately where and how but not haaving yet linked linguistic theory based on data collected from linguistically proficient people and mapping that to our understanding of the brain not there yet looks at lang
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