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University of Toronto St. George
Ailis Cournane

Language Acquisition lecture on January 22 2014LECTURE 02 Slides on lecture reviewCITE PAGE NUMBERS ATTRIBUTE PROPERLY Review the paperread introduction and conclusion then the middle Question 3major finding already reported in the literaturecite the person that is cited in the Klecha papersay Smith 2000 as cited in Klecha et al 2008 found thatSlide 40Two ways of marking future modality Naturalistic speech always in the form of conversations ie between child and mother One example of semantic differencesemanticwill indicates that going near the bomb will trigger the explosion but in the first it means the bomb will go off either way Slide 41Different theories predicting acquisition Copleywill is more simple because it is basic future whereas gonna has progressive marker Gonna is future plus progressive whereas will is just future I ran is analogous to will in the future was running is analogous to gonna in the futureKlechadifferent theorywill is more complex than gonna Different groundsnot about nature of lexical item where Copley saysGonna can be said out of the blue but will needs to refer to something in the context Will cannot occur without some kind of linking to context Slide 42Three hypotheses tested Inputfrequency hypothesisstandard for corpus testingmaybe the child uses gonna more often than will is because the mother uses gonna more often than willneed to rule out input as driver for this phenomenon Auxiliary word Slide 43Unbounded eventsnot complete bounded events are complete no longer going on LECTURE 0303 Phonological developmentwhat are the sounds the child is making What can they perceive 5In English p and aspirated p are allophones but not phonemes in ENGLISH6Phonotactic constraints 7Rhyme is vowel and maybe consontant 9Because of perception and articulation constraints so limited number of possible sounds
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