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Ailis Cournane

JLP315 Lecture on March 5 2014Theoretical Approaches Slide 3Something is guiding how children acquire language all human infants exposed to language will automatically acquire the language of input but do not know how Continually improve theory Any theory looked at can expect to be ultimately proven wrong Slide 4Clear predictioncan assess clearly how something occursneed clear prediction so can come to clear conclusion Slide 5Three levels of adequacy 1Descriptive 2Modelafter having observed can start to ask how can we capture this How can we make a model for what were seeing Making a generalization use a s few principles as possible modelling a mechanism that will capture the observed data model is just a model it may work but it may not be what is happening in the word 3Explanatoryultimate goal ACTUAL principles children use actual principles that children use to learn language Slide 8General dichotomythis vs that What is the form of what is saidstructuralism Morphosyntax and word order and grammatical ruleshow is a question formed what order do the words come in if talking about functionalism not worried about structure but concerned with function Competence vs performance Competencemore concerned with what speakers know about their languagewhat is your mental understanding of your languageABILITY Performancehow the language is used9No special genetic property of the human devoted to language is necessaryargued by nativists Something biological is specific to language Vs empiricismgeneral cognitive abilities are enough Observations are open to interpretation so may be skewed towards the theory of the researcher 10First to be systemically explored External conditions predict verbal behavioursstimuli and responses of the organism Language is learned behaviourthe child is passive recipient an imitator External conditionsthe child observes the parents speaking and seeks to imitate the parentsand parents reinforcesas child imitates parents respond and reinforce and the child continues to imitate This is conditioningbell rining is the symbol and the food is the meaning so child will learn to imitate by reinforce
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