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Ana Perez- Leroux

JAL315Lecture 1January 11 2011Goals of language acquisition Theorieticalhow the mind worksAppliedhow it can help us help children with problems of language developmentincludes developing strategies for evaluation identification and interventionLexicon vocabulary and word formation process derivational morphologyPragmatics the system that underlies meaning in context beyond sentenceSyntax word order properties and inflectional morphology the cat eatHerodotus recount of King Psammeticus investigation Question what was the original language of the human race hypothesis that before people learn how to speak they think in their native ancient tongue of Egyptiansttook a baby that was not spoken to and they would wait to see which 1 word was uttered and what language would it be inat 2 years old he said becoswhich is Phrygian for breadPlato was the original nativisthe believed that we had innate abilities without having been taught certain things like geometryWild Childrenraised outside of mankindFrancea young boy had been surviving alone in the wildthe child emerged out of the woodsa French physician studied himQuestion can a c
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