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Lecture 3

JLP 315 – Lecture 3 – January 25th.doc

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University of Toronto St. George
Ana Perez- Leroux

thJLP 315Lecture 3January 26Genie Will be on the testThere is no validity to any unique casesbecause they have never had the chance to be validated beforedifference between a language test and language therapythey were trying to rehabilitate her through these activities and by interacting with other peoplemain characteristicsstarted with enfant noisesshe could say single words naming insightvocabulary but no evidence of grammar very atypical of English speaking childrenno evidence of syntaxspeech production very strange prosodygestures pragmatic abilitieswas she retardedneurological evidence of damage but she could form relationshipsshe could communicate with her eyesshe could tell people things without even talking to them the meat shop and the little boy with the firetruckLimiting Factorsshe had lost the ability to form grammarshe could not properly use syntaxmodularity between syntax and pragmaticsit is possible that they are not connected because someone can develop one but not the otherthis might support the notion of critical periodbut you have to account for the extent of the abuse physically and emotionallythis is atypical in more than one way what if she was damaged before she started learningthen you wouldnt expect normal developmentCommunicative DevelopmentLinguistic competence not equal to communicative competenceability to use sentences appropriately in social interactionsthe children can ask what and where but not whywhat and where can be indicated without language but why needs language to explainSome ideas for why language acquisition happensmaybe children have a greater need to communicatemay drive language acquisitionchildren dont know what language is they start with saying o when someone arrives and they want them to pay attention to them they say hi mommy eventually after hearing so many different things then it becomes like the adult systemcommunicative purpose serves to bootstrap children into the formal systemchild doesnt have grammar just pragmatics but then grammar developsgrammatical categories can be reduced to their function learning grammar is simply and outcome of learning to communicateLate Talkerslate at speech production but they seem to be developing quite well
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