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Monica Boyd

Linguistics 20110919Phonetics Study of sounds The structure of the minimal units in language the soundsSpoken language came before written language writing is an external factor when looking at a languagethe subfield of linguistics that studies the inventory and the structure of the sounds of speech is called phoneticsthere are two basic ways of analyzing the speech sounds or phones from Greek phn sound voice Articulatory phonetics looking at the physiological mechanisms of speech production what organs are involved where specifically sounds are producedWe will focus mainly on this approachjaw movements lip shape toungue placement etcAcoustic phonetics measuring and analyzingthe physical properties of the sound waves produced in speech in order to be able to accurately describe the characteristics of sounds we need to have reliable methods of transcribing themIPA the alphabets created for writing systems of various languages are not unambiguous IPAInternational Phonics Alphabet Developed in order to be able to encode the sounds of diverse languageswhen following the written alphabet system there are limitations as to writing down each sounds Same graphic representationsame pronunciationsNeed for a system that gives us a clear correspondence of what we are hearing to how we are writing it in the IPA this symbol is used to represent sounds in other languages that have the same characteristics pronunciation asin English although the writing system in the original language might be differentthe IPA is very useful to linguists as it allows the accurate transcription of all sounds no matter the language they are found in SegmentsSpeech can be divided up into small segments of soundsError in speech productionswitching initial sounds of each word Slips of the toungueex Melcome WatWelcome Mat Respiratory System Sound producing organsIn order to be able to speak we need to be able to 1 Breathe also a survival function fundamental Lungs provide air supply thus producing sounds 2 Expel air Larynx adds special characteristics to
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