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Phonetics II

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LIN100 Lecture 3 Phonetics II Todays goal Consonants a little more Vowels Syllabicity Review Linguistics is the scientific study of language. Phonetics examination of the inventory and structure of speech sounds (articulation, acoustics, perception) Vocal organs Segmentation of speech Three classes: Consonants, Vowels, Glides Description of consonants Place of articulation Manner of articulation Voicing status Videos and websites Video of vocal folds vibration: http:www.ladefogeds.comvowelschapter2vibrating %20cordsvibrating.html Xray video of speech: http:www.ladefogeds.comcoursetranscription %20exercisesmoviepage.htm IPA trainer: http:www.ipatrainer.comusersite Peter Ladefgeds homepage: http:phonetics.ucla.educoursechapter1flash.html Saggital sections (to play around) sammy.html Groups of sounds Labial, Coronal, Dorsal Sibilantsstridents: noisier fricatives and affricates [s, z, , , , ] Continuants: Fricatives, Vowels, Glides t in atomic and atom The alveolar t the same sound in atomic and atom? No 2 t in atom the tongue hits the alveolar ridge in a ballistic motion; the closure cannot be maintained for long t in atomic the closure can be maintained at the alveolar ridge t in atom the tongue hits the alveolar ridge in a ballistic motion; the closure cannot be maintained for long This sound is called flap [ ] (voiced) pill and spill The bilabial voiceless p the same in pill and spill? No pill - an [h]like sound after the release of [p] spill no such sound after the release of [p] The [h]like sound is calledaspiration Mechanism of aspiration
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