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Matt Hunt Gardner

Lecture 5 Canadian ... June-03-13 7:07 PM Lecture 5 For Homework 3 - Speakers - Participants "Have you ever felt close to death"? - this question may cause psychological harm - Goal = you want them to tell a story - Take 5 minutes from the interview and transcribe - Circle any variables that Taglimonte talks about (read that article) - No detailed transcription - just the words that come out of the speaker - Put the file on USB given Chapter 1 do not need to know: 1.1 and 1.6 Chapter 2: - Know the broad stories - Don’t know details and times Chapter 3 - What common Canadianisms - what they are and what they mean - See also lecture notes - Known what vowels exist in Canadian English ○ Know lexical sets, IPA transcrpitons and ANAE transcrptions ○ How those vowels occur before /r/ - F1 and F2 - What is canadian shift? - What does a canadian vowel system look like ○ e.g. know the general F1 / F2 patterns look like for P130 - MEMORIZE Table 3.6 - BE ABLE TO REPRODUCE IT First Effective Settlement + Loyalists (New York and Pennsylvania) English that was spoken = english spoken by the Loyalists Hudson Bay Co and NW Territories Canadian Raising /aw/ and /aj/ aw / ay (ANAE symbols) e.g. MOUTH and PRICE Canadian Shift - Lowering and or
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