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Lecture 7

LIN201 Lecture 7 NFLD Morpho-syntax.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Matt Hunt Gardner

Lecture 7 NFLD Morpho-syntax June-10-13 7:49 PM Lecture 7 NFLD Morpho-syntax - Many "non-standard" morphosyntactic features of NFLD English are shared with other transported English varieties (especially Caribean Englishes and AAVE) ○ Most occur in input dialects Chapter 3 - 3.3. last page - In English the idea "2 negatives = a positive" applies - Negative concord - if you choose to use negative - Past-participles: ○ e.g. eat, eaten, ate / see, seen, saw - "Youse" non standard paradigms I We (thee) you Youse you guys y'all ye ○ yinz (in pittsburg) He/she/etc.. They they (now) for indifferent pronoun NFL Morpho-syntax - Pronouns ○ Inconsistent case differentiation (me, buddy) ○ Alternative forms (yee, youse, etc..) ○ Non-human entities often have grammatical gender  Female -> mobile, self-propelled, general state of affairs  Male -> other (though less common) - Verbs ○ Regularization ofto be'paradigm  Inconsistent between communities  Are - are, is-is, am-am ... ○ Use of -s to for habitual aspect(usually expressed with have / am - e.g. "I am lovin' it" - in NFL = "I loves it") in present tense lexical verbs (non-standard)  Thus not possible for 3rd person singular present auxiliaries  Used a lot by young people  Action verbs - I loves, I hates, runs, ... ○ Use of bees as auxiliary for habitual aspect in past tense lexical verbs  e.g. I "bees" loving it… (like … "I be loving it") ○ Recent past events often use simple past rather than have + past participle  Sometimes past-participle forms are used for simple past and vice versa □ I just saw him □ I seen him yesterday ○ "after perfect"****
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