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University of Toronto St. George
Jordan Peterson

Unit 3 Lexical categoriesNoun NVerbs VAdjectives A name propertiesPrepositions P spatial relations in at form to etcAdverbs Adv characteristics of verbs quickly strongly etc Ceiveis a root but cannot stand alone Affixesnot lexical category always boundSuffixafter morphPrefixbefore morphInfixinserted into main morpheme root o Eg fingo stand o Infixation not productive in english Base form to which an affix is added not necessarily the root English is wordbased majority of complex words oare built from roots that are FREE Morphems Latin Greek Spanish Japanese roots are always bound Lexemes set of words that vary from each other only by inflectional forms number degree tense Any affix other than an inflectional affix is a derivational affix forms a word with a meaning or category distinct from that of its base Structure creation is rulegoverned when making complex derivations un comes before adjectives not nouns Derivational affixes change category or meaning of base 1 Triggers changes in consonant or vowel of base and may affect stress placement 2 Phonologically neutral Some derivational morphemes have meaning some dont such as empty morphemes Inflectional morphemes do NOT change category or type of meaning of base a grammatical markerWhen you see an integral change processindicates inflectionablautInternal change substitute one NONMORPHEMIC segment for another to mark a grammatical contrastEg Singsang
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