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Lecture 1-Summer (Intensive)

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Richard Compton

Monday June 6, 2011 LIN204 Final: probably june 30 June 23: history of English language likely HW1 o Written assignment o 2 part: exercises will go up on Thursday Midterm Test June 15 HW o 2 in total o due at start of lecture o typed in 12pt Times New Roman font All HW is individual HW1 o Part A: Short writing assignment One pg, double spaced Posted on blackboard; due Monday Worth 80% of HW1 work o Part B: Exercises Assigned this Thursday Worth 20% of HW1 mark Part A o 1-pg; based on chapter 1 o use terminology from course o responses graded based on: (1) argumentation, (2) clarity, (3) organization, (4) spelling and grammar, and (5) adherence to formatting instructions o use whats in ch 1 and lecture 1 argue if hes correct or wrong o only need referencing: txt, lectures and column itself o (L2:13) o (H&P, p.33) o dont need reference section Roadmap of Lecture 1 o Ch 1 Prescriptive grammar: how people should speak, whats correct from moral pt of view Descriptive grammar: as grammar exists, how speakers use a language Standard vs non-standard dialects
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