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Lecture 2- Summer

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Richard Compton

LIN204 Lecture 2-Verbs Ch.1 Ex 2i: Its not what you do, its how you do it. ii. She dont pay the rent regular She doesnt pay the rent regularly. Ch.2 1i. I think its a disgrace [it is subject of embedded clause]; subject for whole or main clause: I; rest of it is predicate ii. The guy in that house over there works for the city Subject: That guy in that house over there (can replace this with he*) Academic Success Centres Drop-in hours Thursday, 2-4pm; Mon, 10- noon Some Notation o *ungrammatical o %grammatical only in some dialects o ?questionable grammatically o ! non-standard Verb forms in English o 6 main inflectional forms; even within this system of 6, some of them look the same o i.e.: preterite (past tense): walked o 3 singular person (he,she,it): walks o Plain Present: walk o Secondary form Plain form: walk Gerund-participle: -ing Past participle: walked shares same form with preterite for many verbs Form vs Shape o Some of these forms have the same shape (spellingpronunciation) Preterite and Past Principle Some verbs show this distinction Various forms share same shape for many though o Plain present and plain form vast majority of verbs (walk, take); only verb in English that has different shapes for these to is verb be Are (plain present) vs be (plain form)
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