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University of Toronto St. George
Safieh Moghaddam

Lec 9: Coordination July-31-13 3:20 PM Coordination ○ Coordination in English involves the COORDINATORS: and, but, or, nor ○ The constituents they connect are called COORDINATES. - Coordinators and coordinating conjunctions = the same - NP = coordinate coordinates = the phrases that are joined - Coordinator = and, or, but, so, yet ..etc - A way to combine phrases and sentences together - Coordinating conjunctions are used to combine sentences ○ e.g. and, so, but, yet, or ○ NOTE: when joining sentences, must but comma (,) before and so but (sometimes: or) ○ And = add information ○ So = cause and effect ○ But = oppose ideas ○ Or = choice between two, or alternatives - E.g. I have gone to France AND England ○ And here is joining two NPs (France and England ) - e.g. I went home, AND took a shower. ○ Joining 2 clauses use comma before and - e.g. I felt hungry, SO I got a hotdog ○ Cause = felt hungry ○ Effect = got a hotdog - e.g. I felt hungry, BUT I didn't want a hotdog. ○ 2 opposing ideas: felt hungry < - - > didn't want - e.g. Do you want an apple OR an orange? ○ 2 NPs = apple / orange ○ Joining 2 NPs - e.g. You want to go to the store OR rather stay home? ○ Joining 2 clauses ○ You is implied in the second clause Bare vs. Expanded Coordinates ○ The SECOND coordinate also forms a constituent with the coordinator called an EXPANDED COORDINATE: - Bill and Mary = one coordinate - Expanded coordination = the blue bracket - [Bill] = one coordinate - [and [Mary]] = another coordinate - And = coordinating conjunction / coordinator - The coordinate WITHOUT conjunction = BARE Coordinate - WITH the conjunction in the coordinate = EXPANDED Coordinate - e.g. ○ I went home and we ate. (This is a coordination construction) ○ Coordinate = I went home ○ Coordinate = We ate. Coordinating conjunction = and Lectures Page 1 ○ Coordinating conjunction = and ○ Expanded coordinate = "And we ate" = the part that was added to the sentence ○ Bare coordinate = I went home ○ Bare coordinate = We ate Unique Properties of Coordination ○ Coordination has several unique properties  Unlimited # of coordinates  Expanded coordinates can NEVER be preposed  Bare coordinates MUST be syntactically similar PROPERTY 1: Unlimited # of Coordinates ○ In theory - our grammar allows an infinite # of coordinates ○ It's only the limitations of our memory and time that actually restrict the # of coordinates (aka the list was going on for too long and there were too many things listed, that you already mentioned and so limits the # of coordinates) PROPERTY 2: Expanded Coordinates can NEVER be preposed ○ Unlike PPs which can be preposed (i.e. moved to the front of the clause), expanded coordinates CAN NOT be preposed ○ (important) PROPERTY 3: Bare Coordinates MUST be syntactically similar ○ While coordinates don't have to belong to the same categor
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