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University of Toronto St. George
Safieh Moghaddam

Lec 10: Subordinate clauses August-07-13 7:18 PM DO NOT NEED TO KNOW: - slide 25-33 - exclamation content clauses Subordinate clause - Main clause + subordinate + dependent clause [If / whether / that ] + clause - e.g. ○ He asked if I could lend him money. ○ If = subordinator, and everything including and after if = subordinating clause - e.g. ○ I wonder if they are coming to the party. ○ If = subordinator ○ If they are coming to the party = subordinate clause Subordinate Clauses ○ Sometimes clauses will appear inside of another clause:  Clauses that typically occur within larger clauses are called: SUBORDINATE CLAUSES ○ - e.g. I know [that she bought a book] - Main clause = I know - Subordinate clause = that she bought a book - Always dependent - Most of the time Subordinate clauses = D. O.s Subordinators ○ Another property of subordinate clauses is that they are sometimes (though not always) introduced by: SUBORDINATORS such as 'that', 'if', and 'whether' ○ - Focus on - - IF, THAT, WHETHER Recursion ○ One property of subordinate clauses is that they can be added RECURSIVELY (over and over in the same way) ○ ○ This is sort of like Russian Matryoshka dolls, which each fit inside a larger doll - ○ The following Mother Goose rhyme also illustrates the property of RECURSION: Lectures Page 1 - - You can add more and more phrases to the main clause Types of Subordinate clauses 3 types Content clauses - relative clauses comparative clauses (do not need to know this clause) CONTENT CLAUSES: Default type of subordinate clause, having properties similar to main clauses ○ RELATIVE CLAUSES: Typically modify Nouns and Nominals (see examples) Comparative clauses (don't need to know..) Used in comparison - IF vs. WHETHER (can be used in the same structure) ○ e.g. can you lend me some money? ○ She asked if I could lend her some money. ○ She asked whether I could lend her some mo
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