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LIN228H1F 2012 – Week 1 Kochetov-1 Introduction to Phonetics 1. Branches of Phonetics Phonetics is the branch of linguistics that studies the sounds of speech. Phonetics itself can be divided into different branches, each of which has its own area of study. • transcription: how speech sounds can be written down • articulatory phonetics: how sounds are produced • acoustic phonetics: the physical properties of sound waves produced in speech • auditory phonetics: how sounds are heard and perceived 2. Vocal anatomy Primary vocal organs: • Lungs (source of moving air) • Trachea (connection between the lungs and the vocal tract) • Larynx (sound source) – the larynx (sometimes called the voicebox) contains the Adam’s apple and the vocal folds. The opening between the vocal folds is known as the glottis • Vocal tract (sound filters) – pharynx, oral cavity, tongue, velum (soft palate), and nasal cavity The supralaryngeal vocal tract: throm Language Files, 7 Edition, p. 40 LIN228H1F 2012 – Week 1 Kochetov-2 • pharynx • oral cavity (mouth) – lips, teeth, alveolar ridge, palate, velum, uvula, tongue • nasal cavity The tongue: • tip (apex) • blade (lamina) • front • back (dorsum) • root
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