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University of Toronto St. George
Rohany- Rahbar

LECTURE 7 March 8 , 2011 Linear vs. Non-linear phonology Linear phonology consider string of segments Sometimes, though, need to go further and look at multilayer structure something above level of string of sounds and segments NONLINEAR PHONOLOGY 3 parts - Syllable theory todays topic - Metrical theory next week - Autosegmental theory next, next week - These are the three components of non-linear phonology Syllable structure - Hierarchical structure tree - ONSET, rhyme, nucleus, coda o Branched nucleus diphthong - Some phontotactic constraints can be accounted for better if consider syllables o For instance in English, no kn in initial position o But Scandinavian has it pronounceable but not in English (But okay in Old English knife but eventually, k is silent) o NEED SYLLABLE STRUCTURE o Also, some phonological processes understood after considering syllable structure Ex. epenthesis Occurs because syllabification demands it Cannot be accounted for by linear phonology Syllabic structure - Example from English to account for h in English occur beginning of syllableword, followed by vowel or glide o Must easier to explain this way rather than features of linear phonology o ANOTHER EXAMPLE Koryak schwas present in lower set of data, not above set To explain schwa epenthesis, consider template of language Which is CVC maximum syllable can be smaller than CVC, but NEVER BIGGER P cannot follow t so put schwa between => [tep] Syllable boundary between p and velar nasal After p, get CCVC structure cannot have two CCs in sequence so schwa epenthesis between velar nasal and l The final VC is okay smaller than template - TEMPLATE IS MAXIMAL SYLLABLE PERMITTED - MINIMAL if minimal is CVC then VC IS NOT PERMITTED
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