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Rohany- Rahbar

rd LECTURE – March 23 , 2011 Tone and contours is the focus of this lecture Tone is a property based on the contrastive use of pitch Combinations of tones are possible - Rising is low followed by high tones Level of tone above level of segment, attached by line An operation on one tier does not mean there is an operation on another tier - Ex. if a segment is deleted, the tone is not necessarily deleted – it can stay or go Tone preservation – dominant process - If delete vowel, tone remains on its own tier - Oke okpa – the e is deleted, but its high tone combines with the following o’s low tone o Falling contour results - Reduplication – owa owa Twin sister convention – when have combination of identical tones, get only one tone, no contour - Simplification Three-tone contours - LHL is rising then falling contour - LH = rising - HL = falling Across the board effects - High tone of noun becomes low tone when prefixed - Low tone blocks tone lowering process - Tone occurring occurs to the vowel adjacent to the prefix o But in caseswhere vowels farther away are also affected, it means that the tones for those vowels are branched - Low does not make the next one change in any way; H tone changes the following high tone into low Melodic tonal restrictions - A single vowel can get the tone - Autosegmental representation different despite being all the same tone - The verb to go away does something to the following tone in the following word o This verb has floating high tone that is not seen on the surface o Attach the floating tone to following vowel, which loses its own low tone Resulting in only high tone on the
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