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Lecture 9 Wh-movement November 17, 2010 5 agent theta role may be reintroduced in passives by a by phrase 6 John has moved from inside VP to subject position to get case - In second sentence, do-support added; Wh-word has moved to front of the clause 7 wh-word found in D-structure in place where object would be in the corresponding declarative sentence - John moves up to get case - THIS is the D-structure for What did John eat? 8 Subjects move into a case position; VP to TP specifier movement - Nothing in T: do-support then do moves from T to C - Wh-word moves into specifier of CP - *******CASE related to position; agent theta role related to verb ******** - Echo-questions: John ate what? o Wh-word unchanged 9 Who is NOM; Whom is ACC form this is used in more formal registers in English - Can sometimes move more than a DP THEREFORE WH-movement is phrasal*** o Phrasal movement moves from complement or specifier position to a specifier position 10 overt complemetizer a in wh-questions - Whereas in English, no complementizers in wh-questions, other than the wh-word 12- in Irish, must pick which complementizer to use - In English, T to C movement because phonologically null 13 IN PASSIVES theme theta role by flipping it back into the corresponding declarative sentence - What case does it get? NOM because it moved into the position where it got case 14 steps: DP moves to TP specif
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