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Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
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LMP402Fall 2013AnthraxPAANTXRPA20 and PA63EFLFCHOK1CHOR11 cells These cells have no ANTXR receptors Do not bind PA resistant to toxin PA binding restored by ANTXR1 cDNA to CHOR11cDNA also restores toxin sensitivity Anthrax toxin receptors 1 ANTXR12 ANTXR2Both are ubiquitously expressed bind extracellular components and are type I membrane proteins I domain present in bothAKA VWA domain ANTXR2 in macrophagesresistant to toxin suggesting macrophages only express ANTXR2Myeloidonly ANTXR22 in miceresistant to infection sensitive to toxins EF and LFComplete loss of ANTXR2 in miceresistant to EF and LF ANTXR1 splice variants SV1longer cytosolic tail SV2binds more PA than SV1PA binds the I domain of ANTXR12 with divalent cation between D683 is an amino acid in PA aspartic acid that binds directly to divalent cation if mutate D683 PA cann
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