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13 Jan 2011
LECTURE 01 – Introduction; Phonetic Review
4 – what the inventory of vowels and consonants are in a language
5 – different combinations of sounds are allowed in different languages
6 – rule about combination of sounds
7 – bnick and bnark do not exist because English does not allow bn” initial words
8 – cats, dogs, benches – different endings phonetically
In spite of variati on, the root cause variation in different pronunciation – but the pronunciation is the same
12 – symbol of something physical
15 – for phonology, disregard extra infor mation – need essentials only
18 – different characteristics based on speaker – but still something constant/same
20 – cannot rely on spelling – must use system of symbols
End of chapter 1
Onto chapter 2
24 – use either symbol
25 – alveopalatal consonants are different between the two systems
26 – palatal glide in APA is y – like the orthog raphy
27 – retrof lex the re is a dot underneath
NB. Will not ask for transcriptions, just note the differences
NB. Correct er r ors on last slide of lecture
29 – [ae] front low vowel ; [a] back low vowel (cot)
32 – high and mid vowels have tense and lax dist i nction only
33 – tense vowels are higher than lax counterpart
The turned e and tur ned v vowelsdifficult to distinguish which is tense, which is lax
34 – change in meaning in French this is phonological, underlying
Versus in English, surface property which is phoneticas nasalization occurs just by being in proximity
39- difference is underlying, because meaning in Japanese
52 – laryngeal is glottal
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