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23 Dec 2010

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LECTURE November 24
Plus Q either overt morpheme/question particle OR inversion to
7 wh-movement in Mandarin is ungrammatical
8 the wh feature is not considered a parameter present in some languages but absent in
others but this is a more complicated issue
9 movement that happens but doesnt change the way the sentences are pronounced
10 where pronounced vs. where interpreted
11 transformations can occur at two different times
Overt operations effect both LF and PF
THEN SPELLOUT occurs divides into PF and LF
LF covert movement
13 head move to head; DP without case moves to closest place to get case;
14 MLC violations CAN occur in wh-in-situ languages
Seems like evidence that they have moved covertly
Why can the example in the slide be only an echo question,
17 first example. Mary c-commands hserself
But in second example, John cannot c-command himself
First object can c-command second object but NOT vice versa
19 first example: Kenji is the agent; second example: no real agent plus different force of
the verb (bold)
Even in English, raise versus rise ; lay and lie but only for a few verbs, one version
is transitive the other intransitive
20 no idioms of verb-agent type;
21 light verb assigns agent theta role VERSUS lexical root assigns goal and theme theta
22 send composed of a lexical root (the sending action) but what gives the agent theta role
is the abstract little v
Meaning is V; little v is
Agent use cause under little v
Little v is assigning the theta role
So in verb-theme idioms, verbs select particular objects no special verb-agent
If the shoe fits the subject is not really controlling the action verb is
27 Agr = agreement
Nominative case
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