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Nov 2 Lecture For those that don't go to class ;)

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Anthony Lam

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Ex. Jt.o- \errclt{,r oGq- y.ectar$ub-. box is incaccr.sir,rS at .) i..ctnlLs / sec.,
its Widttr ls incraoE\^c5 ctt 3& in*V."s/see uOhite rts h"-r'gLt
is decreasi\ at 4 \ncxes / sec. l\t tir.-o- vraovr,no.vr-k u$^a/ +^- ]e^{S^.
iS )O qt€cs incvrasr tt\r- r-^..recl+.t,". is 3C inor,.og cr,'lci thj- hot6\"t
i= lO \ . Ho,,l Nor. ^\rl .t^e- wl.uvr''.p- oF cu.s- hox b. o6.tng1q?
T, a.twn, # -) vort"s- u( hr= V =l*L
.t'" [ ff = S ile ^u,i ro krrA #uvv',^-
ft= -+ -l=xo ,,,r)=3a, L=(o
snce v: j rL , ho^ce # = 3l rl,l^)
& = lAf"ts*Qny#
= J(^#:.!#),(d"\#
= -41^*3/h t)^L
lt*^.e, ^r[no.i".-{= Lo , N=3o,Jr./o, #= -+C)r;)cto)oi(xXtv)rzx
: - (6b)(lo) t6oc-+,6nD
: -)+0O r l>oo = -(2o<r
ilgncg a+ 4^a indrca-l-ecl na-onmant, ttq, wL."rn-e- o Feuu.- bo6 ait( Ln an *q-sine1
a{ IIOC cq ir,tcLe.S ,/Sec .
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