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MAT136H1 Lecture Notes - Blood Vessel, Viscosity

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8.4 Challenging Integral Applications
Economics & Biology Applications
Question #4 (Medium): Rate of Blood Flow
The total volume of the blood flow is given by 
 .
In order to determine this, all the input parameter values need to be provided. Thus, the key is to
understand the correct input parameters and the rest is simple computation.
Sample Question
Calculate the rate of blood flow in human artery system where the viscosity of the blood is  in the
blood vessel of radius  of length , where the pressure difference between the ends of the
vessel is .
From the blood flow volume equation of 
 , the input variables are:
: radius of the blood vessel; : length of the blood vessel; : distance from the central axis; : pressure
difference between the ends of the vessel; : viscosity of the blood.
Thus,   ,  , ,   
Then: 
 
  
Therefore, the rate of blood flow is at  
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