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9.2 Direction Fields & Euler's Method Question #2 (Medium)

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9.2 Differential Equations Direction Fields & Euler’s Method Question #2 (Medium): Direction Field & Solution Curve Passing Through a Point Strategy First consider drawing tangents with 0 slope. Then work with easy integers for ( ) like . Also see what happens along the axis and axis. Then compare the quadrants for any symmetry with negative and positive and combinations. Solution curve means at the assigned point, connect the directional lines to get a solution curve. Sample Question Sketch the direction field of the differential equation. Then use it to sketch a solution curve that passes through the given coordinate. ,( ) Solution First start from 0 slope. When and are both , the slope is zero. Also wherever , the slope is zero. From plane, at these points, draw short lines of flat line. Also by setting the right side can be factor
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