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Chapter 8 Mat136

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Anthony Lam

Chapter 11Utilitythe power of a product to satisfy a human wantTypes Time PlaceOwnership FormOperations productions management the systematic direction and control of the processes that transform resources into finished goodsProduction managers managers responsible for ensuring that operations processes create value and provide benefits Operations process a set of methods and technologies used in the production of a good or a serviceTypes of transformation technology Chemical processes raw materials alteredFabrication processes mechanically altered to fit basic shape or form of productAssembly processes put together various componentsTransport processes goods acquire place utilityClerical process transform informationAnalytic processes production process where resources are broken downSynthetic processes production process where resources are combined Service producing processesHigh contact processes a system in which the service cannot be provided without the customer being physically in the systemLow contact processes a system in which the service can be provided without the customer being in the systemOperations capability the activity or process that production must do especially well with high proficiencyService and Manufacturing Operations Transform raw materials into finished product
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