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Aim In this task you will develop model functions representing the tolerance of human beings to Gforces over time Introduction and BackgroundThe resulting acceleration on an object as a result of several different forces acting on it is referred to as Gforce The force is in relation to gravity in that it is the force of gravity acting on a celestial body A Gforce is equal to twice the force of gravity 2g2gees According to Astronauts there are different forms of Gforces Eye ballsin refers to forward acceleration where the body is pushed backwards and backwards acceleration is referred to as eyeballsoutIts been proven humans are able to withstand forward acceleration rather than backwards acceleration Studies showed that humans are able to withstand 17g eyeballs in compared to 12 g eyeballs out and were able to do so for a long period time still maintaining consciousness Some examples are roller coaster rides which expose humans to these Gforces but to small samples and in very short time periodsThe task The following table illustrates the tolerance beings to horizontal Gforce The notation Gx represents a positive acceleration in the horizontal direction ie eyeballsin so that a force of Gx of 20 means a forward accelerating of 20 which humans can tolerate for 01 minutes Time mins Gx g 001 35 003 28 01 20 03 151 113 910 6 30 45Horizontal GForce Gxg Time minutes
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