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University of Toronto St. George
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Javad Mostaghimi

BRANDON- TRACK ONE C C7 remember back when you said to me F i'll never leave Fm C or give you a reason to want to C7 F Fm but look what this has come to C C7 and as crazy as is seems F i wish i could build a time machine Fm C C7 and go back to when you were falling for me F Fm instead of falling away (solo) g, g#thing, am, g, f, fm (end bit:) C i'm sorry that i couldn't be there Am F i'm sorry i told you nothing could meant more to me than you do C C/B Am C/B i;m sorry i lied F g C but most of all i'm sorry that i even tried i'm sorry i tried TRACK TWO (capo 1) C you look so pretty in your sleep Am tell me, are you dreaming of me Dm G or do you dream about the way things used to be C Am it never was this bad Dm G and i was good at more then just always making you sad F E i know i told you that if you just stay with me F Fm C C/B things would be fine untill the end of time F E but you know there's no such thing F Fm C as a promise ring that doesn't lose its shine TRACK THREE (capo 1) C Am F Fm can you run faster then the beating in my chest C try your best Am F Fm but i think that i'll be catching up to you (solo - same chords but longer strum pattern) C Am put on your danceing shoes F Fm tonight we're gonna turn this living room C Am F Fm into a dance floor just for two C and i just want to Am falll to the floor with you F Fm surrounded by a hundred shades of blue C and the grass stains on our jeans Am F they'll never come clean Fm they'll remind us of C the day we were in love JAIME- TRACK FOUR B your talk is cheap your lies are weak so deppressed don't even speak E you're a liar, you're a liar B you make dirt mounds mo
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