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University of Toronto St. George
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

MIE231Minitab Tutorial2009 Part AChocolate bars are packaged into boxes of 10 bars in eachThe government regulation requires that no more than X bars in a randomly packed package where 0X10 be below a certain mass For the specific Binomial process at hand the probability of a single bar being below a certain mass ie defective p has been estimated to be 02 You are asked to plot the cumulative probability distribution for the number of defective chocolate bars in a random box 1 Logon to an ECF computer Go to StartProgramsMIE SoftwareMinitab SolutionsMinitab 15 Statistical Software English 2 You will see a Session window and a Data window ie Worksheet 1 The Session window displays the text output generated by your analyses and other work while the Data window displays a worksheet for data entry3 First generate a list of the range of Xvalues over which to create the plot On Worksheet 1 label column C1 as X type on the first row above the numbered rows Then go to Calc Simple Set of Numbers In the resulting dialogue box enter X for Make Patterned Data th
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