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January 18
naked RNA can create new viruses - just need to get into cell - positive strand
negative strand RNA - nothing happens
cells cannot use this information
Irregular shape
Membrane bound
surface has glycoproteins
underlining is matrix proteins
Territory o infection - Australia, soth east ASia, India, Pacific
Slash and burn farming - burn section of jungle, build farm
in that area, start rasising pigs, plant fruit trees
fruit trees attract bats, bats infect pigs, and pigs infect
class of virus - affects broad spectrum of spectrums - infect
five orders of phylum - do not need to adapt, just need all things in right place together
human to human transmission have occured of Nipah and Hendra viruses
do not need high MOI to transmit to humans from an infected person
measles is restricted to humans
Body rash
Conjunctivitis - swelling of conjuncti in eyes
infection in brain
epithlium of lungs to rest of body - measles move
cause encephalitis
Test for virus - ability to hemaglutinate RBCs
Ability to bind to sialic residues on surface of cells
serve as nucleator - virus
cause RBCs to form sheet - in absence of virus - RBcs sedmient to bottom of the tube; but in presence of
virus, glutinate - form sheet - gice positive test
must bypass mucus in lungs
mucus absorb virus, virus
virus can cleave itself from
mucus to penetrate deeper
down into respiratory system
ability to detach from mucus is benefic; and also benefit on release
because do not want to infect same cell coming out of
but first see cell coing out of - nueraminadiase alows virions to
help cleave it off, escape
to determine, use UV radiation
uracil dimers - block progression of
if A model correct, dose of radaiation
to inactivate any particular gene is
proporational to gene - affect bigger
genes first
in B model - dpeendent on relation to start site
of gene
the other model says all transcription starts at 3' end until 5' end
and soething ahppens at each junciton that causes mRNA to split apart
The order must be
if change what's between,
these bases are
out of sync
cannot recognize
N is sensor going from
two transcription
read back to negative strand
amplifies system