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January 25
Reservoir is enteric infection in birds
Diarrhea in birds or inflammation in humans
If have flu bedridden; have corona or rhino virus sniffling nose
Cytokine storm basis of massive death in 1918 spanish flu
Deaths every year from influenza
Humans can carry the infection and infect other humans
Myxo mucus binding
Ortho correct
Five genera
Ignore the last two viruses
Vaccination best not preventing infection but speeding recovery from infection ****
Will probably get infected but no clinical manifestations if get vaccinated
Preventing infection is probably impossible
Also young children included 0 also at risk
Current vaccine is killed virus 75% effective
Survey what’s circulating in year, choose three most dominant strains grow in chicken eggs vaccine
making is time consuming
Live attenuated grows in nasal passages, having been adapted to grow at 33degrees not 37 no
Amorphous structure circular with knobs
Moved so fast and so broadly thus concern
Epidemic appeared to initiate in Mexico and Texas (south)
Swine flu called so because H1N1 came from flu seen in pigs or closely resembled it
Negative strand genome
Eight segments like bunyairide, and paramyxo?
HA involved in receptor binding
NM involved in cleavage
PB1 2 and PA polymerase
HA, NP, NA - hemaglutinatin, NP is RNA binding part of virus, NA is neuraminadase
RNA is processed as in splicing
M1 spliced to produce M2; ditto with NS2
Life cycle of virus sialic acid on glycoprotein adsoprtion into endosomes acidification relase of
viral genome into cytoplasm gets genome into nucleus, must get ino nucleus because needs access to
RNA splicing machinery to produce proteins required for virus replication
All other viruses replicate in cytoplasm
Also need acification for M2 protein, an ion channel highly selective for protons M2 pumps acid into
virion particle to break apart M1 from nucleocapsid RNA complex frees nucleocapsid from membrane
of fused particle and allows entry into cytoplasm
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