MGY277H1 Lecture 6: Dr. Muller Interview Notes - Week 6

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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

Dr. Muller Interview Notes What are the common infections they deal with 95% of the time in the hospital due to? - Infections that can occur to any patient in the hospital, not only caused by spread of infection, but also due to damage of the host (damage either related to the illness or related the procedure they just underwent)  ex. urinary tract infection due to a urinary catheter (tube to collect released bladder fluids), pneumonia due to use of respiratory machines. Does Dr. Muller promote treating every new patient differently or the same? Why? - To prevent infection control we need to treat every patient the same. You can’t always tell who might have an infectious organism either harmful to them or non-harmful to them but harmful to others. Ex. Perform hand hygiene whenever you contact a patient (both before and after), designing of patient rooms to have just one patient per room. Of course, specific situations require additional strategies required Who is screened as being high risk for infection with pathogens that St. Michael’s Hospital is trying to control? - Anybody who has recently been hospitalized in another hospital either in the city or in another country. Basically you take note of patient’s travel history and any presenting symptoms so that you can decide what to rule out on what they may have that would have come from elsewhere. How are incoming patients screened for MRSA? - Get a nasal swab of both nostrils and a perianal specimen – takes about several days to get a result (positive results come in earlier and negative takes longer to rule out). Isolate patient in the meantime before result gets back. How many outbreaks per year? - 2-3 cases of specific infections in a specific ward within a month. It is usually unpredictable. Dr. Muller considers an outbreak an unusual increase in cases. What was the probable source of conjunctivitis? - A change in equipment in the cleaning process that might have changed how things were being disinfected. What design changes are being impleme
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