MGY277H1 Lecture 6: NEIDL Questions - Week 6

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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

NEIDL QUESTIONS The NEIDL has yet to open despite being completed several years ago. Why? - It’s built within a community and so there are community oppositions and legal ramifications to its opening. What are the first two security measures you encounter when entering the NEIDL? - First is an iris scan to put you in the system, second is similar to an airport scanning procedure What is the standard the building has to meet? - Must be a certain distance back, perimeter fence, and other protections from keeping vehicles and people from entering How far back is the building set from the street? - 150 feet What are the vents/grills on the building for - why so many? - Vent space for air handling (lots to them for that) What is one of the biggest expenses for the building? - Electrical bills for air handling What kind of blow are the bollards (poles) on the perimeter of the building designed to handle? - Withstands a 15 000 pound going at 55 mph from driving through The BSL-4 has to be a separately engineered space for a two reasons - why? - For earthquake protection and decontamination How are the rooms in a BSL-4 decontaminated? - The rooms are filled with vaporized H2O2 (or formaldehyde) and the walls have to be constructed to prevent any of that material from leaking Once you are in the BSL-4 facility the only way out is through what? - Through a chemical shower (to shower the special suits you had on) They have three air compressors to supply air to the BSL-4/“Chemturion”/positive pressure personnel suits. Why three? - A lot of redundancy just in case Why is the BSL-4 suit kept at “positive pressure”? - If there were to be any small holes in the suit, air would carry away from the suit Three
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